MTR166 481936118122 Oven Fan Motor


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  • Manufacturer Guarantee1 year
  • EAN5030017761668

Product Description


Brand new premium quality compatible replacement fan + motor unit for your Philips Whirlpool oven / cooker.

Suitable to fit the following models:


ACH983BS, ACH983WH, ACH984BS, ACH984WH, AKF969BV, AKF969WH, AKG209/BV/01, AKG209/BV/02, AKG209/WH/01, AKG209/WH/02, AKG210/BV/02, AKG210/WH/02, AKG212/BV/02, AKG212/WH/02, AKG213/BV/01, AKG213/BV/02, AKG213/WH/02, AKG214/BV/02, AKG214/WH/02, AKG217/BR, AKG217/WH, AKG242/01/AV, AKG242/01/IX, AKG242/01/NB, AKG242/BR, AKG242/WH, AKG245/AV, AKG245/WH, AKG247/WH, AKG248/AV, AKG248/WH, AKG301/BV/02, AKG301/WH, AKG301/WH, AKG301/WH/02, AKG305/BV/01, AKG305/WH/01, AKG306/BV/01, AKG306/BV/02, AKG306/WH/01, AKG306/WH/02, AKG311/BV, AKG311/BV/01, AKG311/WH, AKG311/WH/01, AKG313/BV/01, AKG313/BV/02, AKG313/WH/01, AKG313/WH/02, AKG314/BV, AKG314/BV/01, AKG314/WH, AKG314/WH/01, AKG318/BV/01, AKG318/BV/03, AKG318/MR/01, AKG318/NB/01, AKG318/WH/03, AKG327/BV/01, AKG327/BV/02, AKG327/BV/02, AKG327/WH/01, AKG327/WH/02, AKG327/WH/02, AKG333/IX, AKG333/IX, AKG334/BR, AKG334/WH, AKG335/AV, AKG335/AV/01, AKG335/NB/01, AKG335/WH/02, AKG336/IX, AKG410/BV/01, AKG410/WH/01, AKG415/BV/01, AKG425/AV/04, AKG425WH/04, AKG426/02/WH, AKG427/BV, AKG427/WH, AKG428/IX, AKG431/02, AKG431/AV, AKG431/WH/01, SO609WH

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